Church web sites

Surely, no one now doubts the importance and value of a good website in the overall ministry strategy of the local church? But what makes a church website good? One of the most common mistakes churches make is to not think through who the site is designed to serve – is it primarily for church… Read More


Moving around the Region one of the most common things I come across in our smaller churches is a lack of musicians. Most manage to pull together enough musos to scrape through morning church, but if your church has an evening congregation that averages less than 40-50 people, I’m guessing that you are really struggling… Read More

Church giving

Churches like ours are often well behind many trends in society – often for very good reasons! But one such trend that I puzzle about is that about making giving easy and convenient. The best most of our churches get is slapping a bPay logo and number on the back of our bulletins in the… Read More

Soma Church

I get to move around t he churches in our region a fair bit, and I find that the quality of leading is often, well, lacking. This can be regardless of whether the leader is a paid staff member or a lay leader from the congregation. Often it is a collection of small things that… Read More