A great resource to share with the people on your church prayer leading rosters. http://gotherefor.com/offer.php?intid=18609… Read More


If your church has yet to be confronted with a pastoral situation stemming from the gender debate, you will soon. To quote from the Priscilla & Aquilla Centre: “Whilst the ‘gender debate’ has been going on for some decades, the ‘transgender revolution’ has taken many by surprise. But it has well and truly arrived. In… Read More

This is a great little post by Steve Kryger reminding us who the number 1 audience is for our church websites. It is a great reminder that we *think* we’ve got all the expectations of visitors to our website sorted out, until inquiries like some of these roll in! Build your church site for outsiders,… Read More


Via Steve Fogg on Twitter (@stevefogg) comes this really helpful collection of free resources for churches. The focus is on graphics and communications-related resources… http://www.stevefogg.com/2015/07/22/free-church-graphics-resources/… Read More

Free sermon series artwork

Courtesy of Steve Kryger at Communicate Jesus comes this collection of sites offering free artwork for sermon series…… Read More

5 ways to improve your church website

I think most of us understand the importance of having a good church website these days. It’s the digital ‘front door’ to your church, and there are plenty of surveys and studies that show the vast majority of people who are actively looking for a church to attend or try, will first check out the… Read More

Just in case some of you have not heard about this by other means: The Youthworks SRE Conference (https://www.youthworks.net/sreconference/) has it’s Western Region event on January 28, 2016 at: St Alban’s Anglican Church MBM Church Building Cnr Westminster St & Rooty Hill Rd Nth, Rooty Hill All details and booking on the website above.  … Read More

The whole issue of people struggling with gender identity is one that our churches really cannot ignore any longer. While it is a complex and very challenging pastoral situation, this article by Mark Yarhouse is very helpful: The cultural salience of gender dysphoria… Read More

Courtesy of the fabulous Communicate Jesus website, here is a list of 50+ Christian events and conferences around Australia in 2016: Australian Christian Events 2016 Know of more not listed? Share in the comments below… Read More

Despite many attempts to declare email dead, any church that is concerned to effectively communicate with their members and visitors will be using email extensively. But doing that well is getting harder. If, for example, you email you church members by simply cutting and pasting a whole bunch of emails into the ‘To:’ field in… Read More