Moving around the Region one of the most common things I come across in our smaller churches is a lack of musicians.

Most manage to pull together enough musos to scrape through morning church, but if your church has an evening congregation that averages less than 40-50 people, I’m guessing that you are really struggling to get music happening (this church is perhaps an exception!). And to be brutally honest, the result can be painful, cringe-worthy and the whole vibe of the gathering struggles to rise above the mundane.
Not only that, but the level of burnout from musos called on play week after week is really high. So we are not really caring for them are we?

So what are the options (other than kidnapping musos from the bigger church down the road)?

One church I recently attended used some music video clips. The songs were generally familiar to most contemporary congregations, but the videos were really performance-oriented rather than leading-a-congregation focussed. And frankly, the American accents were just annoying after a while.
Kids songs in morning church can be handled for a short period by singing along to a Colin CD or similar. But that grows tired too.

So perhaps check out this crowd:
This is a system that will a little work will provide everything from an entire backing track for your singing – from full on band to a more simple, acoustic arrangement.
Other points:

  • You can drive it from your iPad or from the mixing desk.
  • A reasonable selection of contemporary church music to pick from.
  • Regular musos can play along live with the backing tracks – the system can include a click track for timing purposes.
  • The arrangements can be as simple or complex as you wish.
  • Choose the key that suits your musos/singers
  • Very reasonable pricing.
  • A great solution for church plants and similar ‘start ups’

A simpler looking approach is available at