If your church has yet to be confronted with a pastoral situation stemming from the gender debate, you will soon.
To quote from the Priscilla & Aquilla Centre:

“Whilst the ‘gender debate’ has been going on for some decades, the ‘transgender revolution’ has taken many by surprise. But it has well and truly arrived. In 2014, for example, the High Court of Australia ruled that ‘sex’ should not be classified as ‘binary’, ie ‘male’ or ‘female’. What’s more, school children are being taught that gender can be chosen and changed and Facebook offers over 50 different gender options. Christians not only need to understand how we have got to this point but to think through how the gospel speaks with clarity and compassion to the complex societal and pastoral challenges around gender that concern us all.”

The Priscilla & Aquilla Centre is hosting a seminar on this issue to be led by Rob and Claire Smith on April 6th 2016 – it should be a very helpful time. Book here