Churches like ours are often well behind many trends in society – often for very good reasons!

But one such trend that I puzzle about is that about making giving easy and convenient.
The best most of our churches get is slapping a bPay logo and number on the back of our bulletins in the vague hope that church members might think about donating while they are paying all their other bills. However, I’m not convinced many of us still pay many bills via bPay anymore, and besides, do we really want our members to think of donating to ministry as being like another bill to pay?

Surely we want our people to give in a prayerful, planned way, while still making it easy to give extra in a more spontaneous way.
The business world is killing us in that regard with new payment methods such as Paywave, Apple Pay and similar methods. We, on the other hand, expect our people to set up a regular direct deposits from our bank accounts, an many churches still bring in a majority of their giving in cash.

However, there are some painless new methods of encouraging generous giving which we should be looking closely at.
Have a look at or  or any of the similar services now available.
Most are based around a mobile app, regular giving is a breeze to set up, givers can use their bank account, a credit card, and some also link with PayPal. The systems can easily integrate with your church website so that members who land on the ‘giving’ page can give right there, on the spot.

The mobile platform is the perfect way to engage younger church members.

It’s worth noting that all these platforms have fees. Some charge per transaction (like a credit card or PayPal does), some charge a blanket monthly fee that covers a certain volume of transactions. Either way, you won’t need much of an increase in giving to easily outweigh the charges.

It really is time to give our giving methodology a re-think and make it easier for our people to be generous.