Church communications is rapidly proving to be a key area of modern church life – even in small churches. This is a great article and talks about key systems to put in place to make sure your church communications works and flows well.  … Read More

Church giving

Churches like ours are often well behind many trends in society – often for very good reasons! But one such trend that I puzzle about is that about making giving easy and convenient. The best most of our churches get is slapping a bPay logo and number on the back of our bulletins in the… Read More

Courtesy of the fabulous Communicate Jesus website, here is a list of 50+ Christian events and conferences around Australia in 2016: Australian Christian Events 2016 Know of more not listed? Share in the comments below… Read More

Despite many attempts to declare email dead, any church that is concerned to effectively communicate with their members and visitors will be using email extensively. But doing that well is getting harder. If, for example, you email you church members by simply cutting and pasting a whole bunch of emails into the ‘To:’ field in… Read More