Training God's People

  Saturday, August 19th  9:00am – 3:30pm MBM Rooty Hill 20 Westminster St Rooty Hill   It’s back! The theme of this year’s Western Region Conference for clergy and lay people is “Training God’s People”. Arrive from 9.00am for a 9.30am start. An opportunity for all clergy, church workers and lay leaders in the region… Read More

In August 2016, Don Carson was in Sydney for a number of speaking events. At Abbottsleigh school and St Paul’s Castle Hill, Don spoke on the topic of “Christian Life on the edge of Society”  – some biblical reflections on how we should live as Christians as we become increasingly marginalised in our secular culture.… Read More


If your church has yet to be confronted with a pastoral situation stemming from the gender debate, you will soon. To quote from the Priscilla & Aquilla Centre: “Whilst the ‘gender debate’ has been going on for some decades, the ‘transgender revolution’ has taken many by surprise. But it has well and truly arrived. In… Read More

Courtesy of the fabulous Communicate Jesus website, here is a list of 50+ Christian events and conferences around Australia in 2016: Australian Christian Events 2016 Know of more not listed? Share in the comments below… Read More

Christians In Teaching Conference

The 2016 conference season is well underway! But this one a little different, and while this is only initial information at the moment, there are probably Christian teachers in both the public and private sector in your church that could benefit from this. Here is a Christians In Teaching Conference PowerPoint slide you can use… Read More