Church web sites

Surely, no one now doubts the importance and value of a good website in the overall ministry strategy of the local church? But what makes a church website good? One of the most common mistakes churches make is to not think through who the site is designed to serve – is it primarily for church… Read More

SMS for churches

With social media platforms all the rage for churches to dive into these days, it’s easy to forget about another way to communicating and engaging with your church members and visitors:  The humble txt message. Why txt? Most of us aware that email can be a hit and miss tool when it comes to communicating… Read More

In August 2016, Don Carson was in Sydney for a number of speaking events. At Abbottsleigh school and St Paul’s Castle Hill, Don spoke on the topic of “Christian Life on the edge of Society”  – some biblical reflections on how we should live as Christians as we become increasingly marginalised in our secular culture.… Read More