Training God's People

  Saturday, August 19th  9:00am – 3:30pm MBM Rooty Hill 20 Westminster St Rooty Hill   It’s back! The theme of this year’s Western Region Conference for clergy and lay people is “Training God’s People”. Arrive from 9.00am for a 9.30am start. An opportunity for all clergy, church workers and lay leaders in the region… Read More

Anyone working in ministry know the feeling when you work hard at communicating vision and strategy – or even just your regular ministry activities and events, only to have the level of engagement be really disappointing. There is no magic solution to this (although prayer is a good start!), but this blog post from Church… Read More

Yep, there are loads of these around, but this is simple, one page and locally produced by our own CEP: Grab it here: … Read More

Church web sites

Surely, no one now doubts the importance and value of a good website in the overall ministry strategy of the local church? But what makes a church website good? One of the most common mistakes churches make is to not think through who the site is designed to serve – is it primarily for church… Read More

SMS for churches

With social media platforms all the rage for churches to dive into these days, it’s easy to forget about another way to communicating and engaging with your church members and visitors:  The humble txt message. Why txt? Most of us aware that email can be a hit and miss tool when it comes to communicating… Read More

In August 2016, Don Carson was in Sydney for a number of speaking events. At Abbottsleigh school and St Paul’s Castle Hill, Don spoke on the topic of “Christian Life on the edge of Society”  – some biblical reflections on how we should live as Christians as we become increasingly marginalised in our secular culture.… Read More

Church communications is rapidly proving to be a key area of modern church life – even in small churches. This is a great article and talks about key systems to put in place to make sure your church communications works and flows well.  … Read More


Moving around the Region one of the most common things I come across in our smaller churches is a lack of musicians. Most manage to pull together enough musos to scrape through morning church, but if your church has an evening congregation that averages less than 40-50 people, I’m guessing that you are really struggling… Read More

Church giving

Churches like ours are often well behind many trends in society – often for very good reasons! But one such trend that I puzzle about is that about making giving easy and convenient. The best most of our churches get is slapping a bPay logo and number on the back of our bulletins in the… Read More

Soma Church

I get to move around t he churches in our region a fair bit, and I find that the quality of leading is often, well, lacking. This can be regardless of whether the leader is a paid staff member or a lay leader from the congregation. Often it is a collection of small things that… Read More