Day 1
Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and abuse is a growing and recognised problem in our society. Nobody has the right to abuse or control another person. Of course the evils of sexual assault and physical violence and injury are what we would normally think of first when it comes to domestic violence, and it certainly is. However, withholding money, controlling all the household spending or refusing to include a marriage partner in financial decisions is often part of domestic violence too. Then there are the children. According to family support agencies, children who are violent or who engage in abusive behaviour are not simply suffering from teenage angst. Handling the situation can be difficult, especially when many risk factors can aggravate their behaviour.

How do you recognise abuse?
How do you handle it when it happens in the church?
What can you do to help?
Who can you contact to get help?

Nicky Locka lecturer in Pastoral Counselling and well known to many in Sydney Diocese will help us with this difficult subject and provide us with practical advice in our church and ministry context.

Rob Smithwill provide us with helpful insights from God’s word that will inform, prepare and instruct us as we approach the issue.

Day 2
Right fit: Resilience and Resignations

Let’s face it, finding the right people for ministry roles can be taxing and more difficult than you want. To find the right person for the role you need to learn more about them.
Ministry staff as well as volunteers need to have the convictions, competencies and character traits required to do the job but they also need to fit in with the church culture and be willing to take direction and handle challenges as they come.

And this can be really hard.

Kirsty Bucknellan organisational psychologist who specialises in change management, organisational culture and leadership development, can help us all understand how to make finding the right people a little easier.

Kirsty is also working on resilience in ministry for the Centre for Ministry Development. She will lead a workshop on how to keep on keeping on.

Matt Bondis a specialist when it comes to moving on. He knows what ought to be done and what ought not to be done. Matt will help us with a workshop on how to do what is right and honour people when a position comes to an end.

Word and prayer each day

This year we will spend time looking at a very small part of Ephesians 3 that has very big implications for all God’s people.

Monday: “how wide and long is the love of Christ”

Tuesday: “how high and deep is the love of Christ”

Starting each day – 9.30am

To ensure a prompt start it would be helpful if people arrive each day at 9.30am to finalise registrations and to be ready for our first sessions. The ubiquitous coffee and tea will be available (or grab one on the way from the train). The map below shows where St Stephen’s is located.

By train

You can see from the map that one of the easiest ways to St Stephen’s is by train. It is a gentle walk from Normanhurst station.

By car

There is parking on Kenley Road and also across Kenley Park on Dartford Road. Dartford Road has easier access to and from Pennant Hills Road because of traffic lights.


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